Organisations can be so much more than a well-oiled machine. They should beat with a clear, strong heart.

Sentience describes our ability to feel and make sense of things. At SentientCo we work with organisations who understand that given the opportunity and the right environment, people will make magic happen.

Established in 2017, SentientCo is the work of Deb Martindale, who brings deep experience in working with complex tasks and organisation dynamics, strategic thinking and planning, and finding clarity of purpose, together.

Deb specialises in understanding and working with the complex dynamics that can be observed in any team, organisation or inter-organisational system. She is highly regarded for her engaging, collaborative working style, and her ability to conceptualise conversations and ideas in well-written documents. She has previously held leadership roles within the Victorian Public Sector within fire, policing and disaster recovery. Deb is also a former Partner of Cube Group, a specialist public value consultancy.

We regularly work with Boards and executive leadership teams, and are equally happy working with the newest members of your team or expertly engaging with your stakeholders.

What we do

– Strategic planning

– Organisational and inter-organisational design, function, and transformation

– Independent and/or facilitated reviews, including discussion, diagnosis, and exploration

– Stakeholder engagement

– Workshops of many styles and scales

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Who we work with

SentientCo works with public value, for-purpose, and private sector organisations. Deb’s experience and interest spans multiple disciplines and industries, including emergency and disaster management; child, youth and family services; and construction and transport.

We have led year-long national projects and facilitated small, one-day executive events. The scale isn’t important to us but the purpose and impact is. If your organisation makes a difference to people’s lives, then we’d love to talk.