A sample of projects

Deb has delivered hundreds of consulting projects over her career, and the diversity of people and challenges provides continued growth and joy. Just a few examples are:

Strategic planning: The next strategic plan for a growing national child and family services organisation. This included Board and Executive Leadership Team engagement and collaboration, along with targeted stakeholder engagement, internal staff workshops and carer engagement. We worked closely with leaders and created an exciting new strategic plan to continue their trajectory of growth for positive impact.   

Action planning and group facilitation: Development of a four year plan for a new national, multi-agency group of experts in an area of emergency management. Work included design and delivery of a multi-day workshop to help the new group form, plan and make decisions on their strategic priorities and first set of tangible actions together.

Knowledge capture and writing: Co-authoring of the National Disaster Recovery Framework alongside two colleagues with deep expertise. Our brief, from the National Emergency Management Agency, was to take an interim (draft) Framework and respond to feedback on significant work required. Our approach included consultation with all jurisdictions, a major re-design of the Framework’s architecture, creation and editing of content, and support to achieve national endorsement and publication.

Governance and navigation of complex dynamics: A new consortium of service providers needed support to address emerging tension in their governance arrangements and service model. We supported executive leaders to discuss and diagnose the underlying challenges together. We went on to develop a new governance framework and agreement, including principles for working together, and offering greater role clarity for all.

Exploration of team dynamics and performance: A local government team was experiencing disharmony and stress, with poor culture survey data substantiating the real impacts. Over a period of time, we carefully unpacked the scenario and helped the team to discuss and explore the status quo, including causal factors and preferred state. We then supported the team to design actions for change, together. Diverse themes spanned topics such as service and task design, trust and safety, role clarity and autonomy, and better defining and tracking success.

No project or challenge is the same as any other, and we’re always happy to talk.